Get instant summaries of your meetings that capture key points, participant contributions, and follow-up action items.

Smart meeting notes

Measure and improve your meeting effectiveness with data-driven insights for engagement, content relevance, positive language & sentiment, and action items. Our MeetWise 360 score gives you an unbiased assessment and practical tips to help reach your meeting objectives.

AI-powered meeting analytics

Define custom insights to get answers to specific questions about your meetings. You can define any question

For example, the following question assesses the fairness and inclusivity of an interview experience:

“Can you describe your impression of the interview process and whether you felt all aspects were fair and inclusive?”

Custom insights

Skip the skimming and jump to the highlights. With automatic audio indexing, you can easily find and access any part of a recorded session.

Automatic audio indexing

Optimize your time with smart scheduling. Our AI-driven solution combined with rule-based recommendations helps you plan meetings and breaks with productivity and well-being best practices in mind.

Calendar health insights

Track your work week with key insights, such as the number of meetings, the time spent on each meeting, and your top collaborators (internal or external).

Weekly summaries

Connect to Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom, and use our powerful API to customize your own integrations and workflows. You can also download the Meetwise app for free on Android and iPhone devices.

Seamless integrations

Secure your meeting transcriptions and proprietary data with end-to-end encryption, strong access control, user-governed policies, and compliance with local and global data privacy and residency regulations. Learn more.

Enterprise-level security

Break down language barriers with high-quality transcription and accurate summaries in more than 100 languages.

Multilingual support